Walmart Pharmacy Canada – Review, Benefits, and Service

Introduction to Walmart Pharmacy Canada

Walmart Pharmacy chain in Canada is headquartered in Mississauga as a part of the global discount chain present in the U.S. and as of early aughts, in Canada as well. The pharmacy’s philosophy is completely aligned with that of the general discount retailer chain: meeting consumer needs for affordable prices without infringement of the quality. To this end, Walmart Canada provides a well assorted range of prescription drugs at genuinely affordable prices, thus making it a pharmacy of choice for people without insurace or those enrolled in plans with high deductibles.

Walmart Canada has specialty pharmacy services listed by Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC), a Washington-based non-ptofit that promotes better and more accessible healthcare through screening and accrediting healthcare organizations with a substantial range of patient-oriented assistence.

Walmart Canada legitimate pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy is a legitimately licensed drugstore accredited by VIPPS and URAC as a generally practicing pharmacy and a pharmacy with specialty services, respectively. The pharmacy’s website is certified by all major regulatory authorities such as NABP, CIPA, HHS and DEA, and is listed as a legitimate pharmacy dealer by LegitScript and ScamAdviser.

The pharmacy exerts strict prescription policies whenever legend drugs are concerned. You must create a personal account and submit a valid prescription from a licensed doctor in order to start using features of the site linked to processing prescription refills.

What drugs can you buy at Walmart Canada?

The drugs that retail at Walmart Pharmacy fall into the following groups: prescription drugs, OTC medications, non-prescription drugs, first aid, hygiene and grooming products. Of these, you will find hugely diversified offers on items from recognized brands like Tylenol, Advil, Tums and Orajel, but what is missing here is the low-cost segment represented by generic drug manufacturers based overseas. You must be logged in on the pharmacy’s website in order to view prescription medications.

There is a great range of generic medications at Walmart Pharmacy Canada, which will work fine if your healthcare plan has incentives for cheaper-priced equivalents where applicable.

Prices at Walmart Pharmacy Canada

While the signature feature of any Walmart store, be it groceries, convenience or pharmacy point of sale, is low prices, they can be passed off as such only in comparison with other giants of consumer retail. As far as online marketing goes, Walmart Pharmacy prices lose in comparison to certain other Canadian pharmacies whose focus is generic drugs from India. Thus, generic Cialis Walmart price is $1822.27 for a pack of 30 tablets in the strength 20 mg, which is still too high in comparison to tadalafil generically produced in India.

On the other hand, you win in terms of 100% reliability and legitimacy of the e-drugstore brought to you by the Walmart franchise. Besides, the cummulative effort achieved by bringing together multiple savings programs and discount tools available from the store itself, as well as through numerous third-party providers, levels the pharmacy’s affordability with lower priced competition.

Walmart Canada coupons and savings programs

Walmart-empowered price reduction tools, applied wisely and consistently, can help you top your healthcare bills with hitherto inexperienced ease. Your out-of-pocked expenditures and deductibles will plummet with such initiatives available at Walmart Pharmacy as rollback prices, clearance sales, AutoSave subscription program, coupons and deals of the week. Of these, AutoSave (Subscribe ad Save) program deserves a more dedicated attention. Right from the get-go, you get to enjoy 20% reduction in price on diapers, 20% on shaving cartridges and 5% on other eligible items that you shop for on repeat as part of your fully automatize subscription to refills. Free home delivery is included in the offer.

Another option to save some extra money shopping with Walmart Canada is Walmart Rewards Master Card that enables you to earn an interest of 1.25% for your dollars spent paying for purchases within the chain, applicable for mass market items as well as healthcare store. You need to be a resident of Canada and have a account in order to qualify, as well as meet a condition of having $12,000 or above of annual household income.

Walmart Pharmacy coupons are available on the website; those must be printed and at any participating retailer or during e-shopping; limitations apply (more details on the official website).

Available pharmacy services at Walmart Canada

Walmart Pharmacy operates valuable services for specialty needs patients with complex conditions that require extra medical attention: cancer, Crohn’s Disease, hemophilia, osteoporosis and psoriasis are some of these.

Prescription and delivery services are quite advanced, too. You can easily manage your prescription after the initial drop-off at your local Walmart store pharmacy or have a valid prescription transferred electronically from another drugstore.

Home delivery and in-store pickup services are available to Walmart Pharmacy Canada customers, as well as Walmart lockers in GTA based 7-Eleven are open around the clock for independent pick up at any time.

For any issues, questions or suggestions, Customer Help Center reps are there for you, and customer feedback is consistently exhiliarated about the quality of their help, be it on the phone, in person or via LiveChat / email.

The website features include subscription to repeat delivery, shopping list and prescription transfer. A mobile app for orders on the run is available. For non-English speakers, linguistic assistance is offered in 18 languages.

Delivery of mail-order drugs from Walmart Canada

Home delivery is charged for a shipping fee of $5.97 + $5 for order handling on orders under $25 before taxes; $5.97 shipping fee is applied to orders above $25. In-store pickup is free of charge, but you will have to cover $5 for order handling on all orders under $25 before taxes; for orders above that, no fees apply. Walmart Pharmacy charges no fee for repeat deliveries.

Note that delivery to the U.S. is not possible from Walmart Pharmacy Canada.

Checkout safety and privacy policies

Walmart Pharmacy is a paragon of privacy policy virtues, having a clearly stated and functional regulation as for the use of personal data shared by customers. There has been no registered instances of customer trust abuse linked to spamming, unsolicited distribution of promotional materials.

The checkout page is secured by HTTPS encryption. The accepted payment methods are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Walmart Rewards Master Card and Walmart Gift Card.

Take-home message

Walmart Pharmacy is an accredited drugstore with both physical and virtual presence in Canada. The pharmacy’s practices are approved by major regulatory authorities with reliable quality of prescription and OTC drugs at discount prices. The products choice doesn’t leave much to be desired, being made up by both brand and generic medications, but the manufacturers of the latter do not include cheaper Indian manufacturers, which can be viewed as a drawback.

The complementary services, ease of ordering, diversified and convenient shipping and, most importantly, a superior system of price reduction tools coupled with originally low cost add value to Walmart Pharmacy Canada shopping. Unfortunately though, the website cannot be used by non-Canadian residents.