Multidisciplinary Track Training Sites

The Multidisciplinary track has four training sites. These sites have been chosen because of significant interdisciplinary work related to health disparities by race/ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status and also because of the talent and commitment of the faculty. This program aims to strengthen scholars’ abilities within their own disciplines to examine the mechanisms that underlie health disparities in the U.S. by providing scholars with useful concepts and methodological approaches from other fields outside of their own disciplines. In this learning environment, interdisciplinary training with a distinguished multidisciplinary faculty can enhance scholars’ abilities to pursue innovative research.

While each site offers unique resources and themes, all sites share common elements: an academic component sharpening skills, theory and methodology; mentors matched to scholars’ needs and interests; and seminar programs to provide intellectual and scholarly enrichment. Participating universities, site topics, and program site directors and selected faculty are listed below.