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Cialis – Generic Tadalafil

Cialis is the best-selling tablet among drugs for erection. The drug has been repeatedly chosen by men ever since it appeared in 2003. It is very similar to Viagra in its effect, but Cialis lasts for 36 hours on end and has two taking methods: on demand and chronic. Which method to use? Each has its fair share of benefits for quality of your erection. But the price of Cialis in the pharmacy chains of the U.S. remains sky high – a 30-day supply can easily cost you upwards of $2,000. With generic Cialis available as of October 2018, its price halved down in th States. But nothing beats the price for Cialis Canadian pharmacy networks have to offer. The question is, how does one order the legendary Weekend Pill in a safe and cost-effective way from Canada?

First things first: tadalafil, the main active component in the drug, is a prescription medication. For good reasons, too: it has a potent effect on the blood pressure. This means that it can cause a sudden and dangerous drop in blood pressure if you have a pre-existing health problem. Have a checkup at your doctor’s office before taking Cialis, or at least consult a telemedicine specialist. Continue reading “Cialis – Generic Tadalafil”

Generic Cialis Price

As of October 2018, Cialis patent has expired, giving a new wave of popularity to the drug. The price of tadalafil, the active component of the drug, has dropped by more than 50% overnight – which is definitely great news. However, the brand drug cost is too high, and even cut down by half, it remains prohibitive. A supply of 30 pills of Cialis 20 mg will leave your wallet some $600,00 lighter – not a trifling matter. Generic Cialis in Canada, however, will cost you considerably less – a pack of the same size and the same strength will be charged for around $180,00, which is whooping 70% less.

This appealing bargain begs a question: is generic Cialis available in Canada for the U.S. residents? Technically, the laws in the U.S. disallow the import of prescription drugs into the country. In reality though, many Americans routinely drive to Canada or Mexico to buy much cheaper Rx drugs. Continue reading “Generic Cialis Price”

Cialis patent expiration date

When does Cialis patent expire?

The protection of the “love pill” Cialis expired in October 2018. In November, the equivalent of tadalafil arrived to the pharmacy shelves. The drug invented by the American pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly was the most sold in the country in 2015 (even more than Viagra). The sales that year hit the all-time high of $1.257 billion that year. Those were the biggest revenues for the company before the scheduled Cialis patent expiration.

With the last day of Eli Lilly’s patent for Cialis, dozens of generic equivalents hit the market, making the Weekend Pill economically accessible like never before. Tadalafil, this is the name of the molecule, was launched on February 14, 2003. On Valentine’s Day, in fact. It was immediately nicknamed “Love Pill” and “Weekend Pill”. This nicknale appeared because of its long half-life (17 hours), which gives it an effect of about 36 hours – against the four hours offered by its biggest competitor sildenafil (Viagra). Continue reading “Cialis patent expiration date”

How to buy cialis online safely in USA

The prices for drugs in the U.S. are shockingly high. Many households cannot afford even the absolutely required medications. People routinely postpone or totally skip the needed treatments. Unsurprisingly then, drug retailers in other countries easily beat their American competition. This caused the presidential administration to start earnestly looking into legalizing import of pharmaceuticals from Canada.

There are many obstacles for this plan to go into operation. It is not a panacea for a long-standing global problem of uninsured and underinsured citizens either. First of all, Canadian healhcare authorities and pharmacy associations say that the country will experience a major shortage of drugs if the U.S. legislative system ratifies the project.

If approved, this initiative will legalize the mass import of drugs from Canada. It will broadcast and simplify the custom clearance of medical products, leading to a dramatic increase in the turnover. But idividuals will still not be allowed to order drugs from Canada. Continue reading “How to buy cialis online safely in USA”