Policy and Advocacy Organizations

The Kellogg Health Scholars Program formed affiliations with policy development and advocacy organizations, including those listed below, each of which highlights the reduction and elimination of health disparities in its agenda. Individual training sites also established affiliations with state-based health policy development and advocacy organizations in their own states.

Throughout their traineeships and subsequently, Scholars had access to both federal level and state and local level policy organizations affiliated with the Program and the training sites. This bi-level set of relationships enabled Scholars to understand the relevance of their research to local policy as well as its translation into macro policy at the federal lever. Twice a year all Scholars participated in a joint workshop at which policy and practice experts from the affiliated policy development/advocacy organizations, public health agencies and community leaders (including the Program’s National Advisory Committee) shared their expertise with the scholars and the Scholars shared their work with each other and with the Program’s National Advisory Committee.