Kellogg Health Scholars Publications List

James W. Amell, PhD, MPH, MSW, 2006-2008 Cohort, Community Track

Ornelas, I.J., Amell, J.W., Eng, E., Royster, M., Tran, A. & Armstrong-Brown, J. (accepted for Publication 2008-9). Understanding African American men’s perceptions of racism, male gender socialization, and social capital using photovoice. Qualitative Health Research.

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D. Phuong (Phoenix) Do, 2006-2008 Cohort, Multidisciplinary Track

Finch, Brian K., D. Phuong Do, and Reanne Frank. 2009. Could ‘Acculturation’ Effects be Explained by Latent Health Disadvantages among Mexican Immigrants? In Press: International Migration Review

Hale, Lauren, D. Phuong Do, et al. 2009. Does Mental Health History Explain Insomnia Disparities between Men and Women in Early Adulthood? In Press: Sleep Medicine

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Karen Ertel, 2008-2009 Cohort

Ertel, KA, Koenen, KC, Rich-Edwards, JW, Gillman, MW (Forthcoming, 2009). Antenatal and postpartum depressive symptoms are differentially associated with early childhood weight and adiposity. Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology.

Glymour MM, Ertel KA, and Berkman LF (Forthcoming, 2009). What Can Life-Course Epidemiology Tell Us About Health Inequalities in Old Age? In Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Volume 29, 2009: Life Course Perspectives on Late Life Health Inequalities, Antonucci TC and Jackson JS, Eds.

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Ertel, KA, Glymour, MM, Glass, TA, Berkman, LF (2007). Frailty modifies effectiveness of psychosocial intervention in recovery from stroke. Clinical Rehabilitation; 21(6): 511-522.

Gina L. Evans, 2006-2008 Cohort

Evans, G.L., & Cokley, K.O. (2008). African American women and the academy: Using career mentoring to increase research productivity. Training and Education in Professional Psychology, 2(1), 50-57.

Struchen, M.A., Clark, A.N., Sander, A.M., Mills, M.R., Evans, G., & Kurtz, D. (2008). Relation of executive functioning and social communication measures to functional outcomes following traumatic brain injury. NeuroRehabilitation, 23(2)185-98.

Sander A.M., Pappadis M.R., Davis L.C., Clark A.N., Evans G., Struchen M.A, Mazzei DM. (2009). Relationship of race/ethnicity and income to community integration following traumatic brain injury: Investigation in a non-rehabilitation trauma sample. NeuroRehabilitation, 24(1):15-27.

Accepted or In press:
Evans, G.L., McNeil, L.H., Laufman, L., & Bowman, S.L. Determinants of low-fat eating behaviors among midlife African American women. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Evans, G.L. Community responses to the EDICT recommendations. Cancer Care and Education.

Chandra L. Ford, 2006-2008 Cohort

Harawa NT and Ford CL. The foundation of modern racial categories and implications for research on black/white disparities in health. Ethnicity & Disease 2009;19:209-17.

Godette DC, Edwards E, Ford CL, Strunin L, Heeren T, Kawachi I. Social status, gender and alcohol-related problems: The black young adult experience. Ethnicity & Health Jun 2009:1-18.

Ford CL, Daniel M, Earp JL, Kaufman JS, Golin CE, Miller WC. Perceived Everyday Racism, Residential Segregation and HIV Testing in an STD Clinic Sample. American Journal of Public Health 2009;99(Supp1):S137-S143.

Book Chapters
Godette DG, Ford CL and Ford PK. Health disparities in Georgia: A social injustice. In: African Americans in Georgia: A Reflection of Politics and Policy in the New South. Ford PK (Ed.) Mercer University Press. [Book chapter] (Accepted and In Press)

Fuller CM, Ford CL, Rudolph A. (2009) Injection drug use and HIV: Past and future considerations for HIV prevention and interventions. In: Mayer K and Pizer HF, eds. HIV Prevention. San Diego, CA: Elsevier/Academic Press:305-339.

Angelica Herrera, 2006-2008 Cohort

Herrera, A.P., Lee, J.W., Palos, G., & Torres-Vigil, I. (2008). Cultural Influences in the Patterns of Long-term Care Use among Mexican-American Family Caregivers. Journal of Applied Gerontology, 27, 141-165.

Herrera, A.P., Lee, J.W., Nanyonjo, R., Laufman, L., & Torres Vigil, I. (2009). Religious Coping and Caregiver Well-being in Mexican American families. Aging and Mental Health. 13(1): 84-91.

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Snipes, S.A., Thompson, B., O’Conner, K., Shell-Duncan, B., King, D., Herrera, A.P., & Navarro, B. (2008). Pesticides Protect the Fruit, But Not the People�” Using Community-Based Ethnography to Understand Farmworker Pesticide Exposure Risks. American Journal of Public Health (In Press).

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Hernandez-Valero, M., Herrera, A.P., Zahm, S.H., & Jones, L.A. (2007). Community-Based Participatory Research and Gene-Environment Interaction Methodologies Addressing Environmental Justice among Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Women and Children in Texas: “From Mother to Child Project”. Californian Journal of Health Promotion. 5, Sp. Iss. (Hlth Disp. & Soc Justice), 114-127

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Angel, J.; Herrera, A.P., H. Brown, S (III). (2009). Effect of kin time demands on long-term care use among older Mexican-American women. Journal of Women and Aging. (Under Review).

Book Chapter
Applewhite, S.R., Biggs, M.J., and Herrera, A.P. (2009). U.S. Handbook on Latino Psychology. Health and Mental Health Perspectives on Elderly Latinos in the United States. Sage Publications. [book chapter]

Betty Izumi, PhD, 2008-2010 Cohort, Community Track

Izumi, BT., Wright, DW, Hamm, MW. (2009) Farm to school programs: exploring the role of regionally-based food distributors in alternative agrifood networks. Agriculture and Human Values. Published online 26 July 2009.

Dara Mendez, 2009-2011 Cohort

Mendez DD. and Spriggs AL. Race as a social construct: The genetic fallacy. The Amer J of Obs and Gynec. Apr 2008; 198(4): 484.

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Lisa Goldman Rosas, 2008-2010 Cohort

Lara D, Garc�a SG, Goldman L. Conocimientos, actitudes y pr�cticas de los m�dicos mexicanos sobre el aborto: Resultados de una encuesta nacional. Gaceta M�dica de M�xico, Suppl 1. Vol 139. July-August 2003.

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Shedra Amy Snipes, 2006-2008 Cohort

Snipes SA, Thompson B, O’Connor K, Shell-Duncan B, King D, Herrera AP, Navarro B. “Pesticides Protect the Fruit, But Not the People� Using Community-Based Ethnography to Understand Farmworker Pesticide Exposure Risks” American Journal of Public Health. (Accepted and in press)

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Mindi Spencer

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Kalahn Taylor-Clark

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Book Chapters:
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Angela Thrasher

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Anita Wells

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Book Chapter:
Forthcoming chapter on mental health in the second edition of Prevention is Primary: Strategies for Community Well-being expected from Wiley in 2010.