Northwest Pharmacy

Northwest Pharmacy Introduction

Northwest Pharmacy is an online drugstore that came into operation in 2005. The e-store is a low-cost drug distributor based in Canada, but delivering to the U.S. as well as domestically. The company has generated a lot of positive buzz since the day it first opened its virtual doors, and for all the good reasons: they have a great pricing policy, they are consistent with their delivery and customer support, and they are listed as a legitimate pharmacy by several recognized authorities (more on that in the paragraphs that follow).

Northwest Pharmacy: legitimate or not?

The website of Northwest Pharmacy contains several certificates that confirm the drugstore’s reliability: IPABC (the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia) ScamAdviser, CIPA, Canadian International Pharmacy Association and PharmacyChecker have all reported the website as worthy of customer trust and legitimate. However, it looks like the pharmacy has failed to meet some norms required by LegitScript, which listed the website as a rogue one.

Northwest Pharmacy requires a valid prescription for all drugs that are not sold over the counter – a very good sign as far as online drugstores go. Customer satisfaction at TrustPilot also speaks in favor of the service.

Drug cost at Northwest Pharmacy

The prices at Northwest Pharmacy can be describer as medium low; while there can be found pharmacies with much lower drug cost, there might be a danger that this is done at the expense of a bad tradoff between price and quality. This gives grounds to say that the website offers quite reasonable prices for good quality products.

Can I buy Cialis online at Northwest Pharmacy?

Northwest Pharmacy offers several generic Cialis and something that is called ”brand Cialis”, but does not look like one, considering the price of a pack with 32 Cialis 20mg tablets set at $541.19. Both are available in the classical range of doses between 2.5mg and 20mg of tadalafil contained in the tablet, but there is no diversity of tadalafil forms (soft tabs, oral gel, etc.).

Northwest Pharmacy discount coupons and deals

There are occasional coupons available from the official website of Northwest Pharmacy, but currently there seem to be none available. The situation may will have changed by the time you are reading this review, so it is always worthwhile to give it a check in real time.

However, most of the drugs on the drugstore’s formulary are heavily discounted, so there is no immediate need to apply a coupon code to reduce the price – they are reduced for up to 80% anyhow.

Northwest Pharmacy payment and shipping

Delivery to the U.S. is available, every package is sent with trackable shipping service. Be prepared to add extra $9.99 to your subtotal for the shipping – but many items come with the benefit of free shipping deals already included. This does not seem to be affected by the package price – thus, when you buy brand Cialis, the packages available with free shipping are 12 pills of Cialis 20mg at $211.79, but most of generic Cialis packs will ship for free.

The payment is where it all gets a little bit underwhelming: Northwest Pharmacy does not accept credit cards. You can pay with a payment check or an international money order.

Customer service

You can get in touch with the customer support on the phone (toll-free for the U.S. and Canada citizens) beteen 5:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays or 6:00am and 3:00pm on weekends, or send an email using a form available on the Contacts page. We haven’t found any major customer complaints about the quality of customer service, which gives grounds to assume that their work is on par with the industry’s standards.

Summing up

Northwest Pharmacy has almost 15 years of history and experience under its belt, which is more than most e-pharmacies today can show for themselves. The company is appraised by such healthcare authorities as CIPA, ScamAdviser, IPABC and PharmacyChecker, and has garnished generally positive customer feedback found on third-party websites, such as TrustPilot. The price range is very fair, making shopping at Northwest Pharmacy conductive for major savings. As far as Cialis tablet range goes, the website lacks diversity, but makes up for it with generous free shipping deals and good prices. The company can be used by the U.S. and Canadian residents aspiring to increase their savings without compromising on the quality of healthcare products.