Global Pharmacy Canada: Pros, Cons And Legitimacy

What is Global Pharmacy?

It is actually easier to say what Global Pharmacy is not: it is not a pharmacy. Knowing this will make a lot of points about the website easier to understand. The company positions itself as a middleman service for ”information and assistance”, or more simply put, they use this front as a cover to dispense drugs without legally required licensing.

Next up, Global Pharmacy Canada is not based in Canada, although they have a physical address in Vancouver. According to WhoIs information, the organization owning the website is registered in several countries: Belize, Check Republic (presumably, or somewhere in the Eastern Europe) and India.

Is Global Pharmacy a legitimate business?

Global Pharmacy is not authorized for what it does, that is for selling drugs and shipping them to the U.S., and in this regard this company cannot be called legitimate. We didn’t find certificates by a single regulatory authority, and websites as LegitScript and ScamAdviser label the company as rogue. However, the store operates in bona fide, its functionality being up and running and purchases always finding their addressees, albeit with significant delays – according to third party sites with customer reviews.

Global Pharmacy requires prescription to be sent to them upon completion of an order. In the absence of a prescription on your hands, a picture of your medicine bottle label will do, which is rather democratic, not to say loose.

Health Canada issued a warning regarding Global Pharmacy in 2010 based on alleged illegal dealings the company was part of. Canadians were also warned that the organization behind Global Pharmacy employed no Canadian workers and had no physical presence in the country, with a high probability of smuggling and conterfeiting to make matters more worrying. Since that time, the company has added a Canadian address, but not much else has changed.

What products can I buy at Global Pharmacy?

Global Pharmacy positions itself as a company with pills for every health condition, and one has to give them credit, their range of items is impressive. You will find meds for widespread ailments like heart, stomach, lung and cholesterol diseases, quit smoking aids, and of course, men’s

health drugs which are confirmed bestsellers with low-cost, semi-legal pharmacies.

Let’s have a closer look at ED pills available here and Cialis in particular. It is suggested that Cialis is available in both generic and brand forms on the site, but the price for the products referred to as brand are too low to reflect a real authenticity. Here are a few quotes taken from Cialis price grit at Global Pharmacy:

  • Cialis (Tadalafil) - 20mg, 40 Pills $140.00
  • Cialis Daily (Tadalafil) - 5mg, 30 Pills $55.00
  • Cialis Soft (Tadalafil) - 20mg, 40 Pills $141.00
  • Cialis (Tadalafil) - 2.5mg, 28 Pills (BRAND) $148.00
  • Cialis (Tadalafil) 20mg, 8 Pills (BRAND) $160.00

A few words should be said about an exclusive Global Pharmacy product with a strong marketing focus on it, the so-called CBD line – Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive high-grade liquid cannabis oil made from hemp plant. The product is pet-friendly and applies itself to a broad spectrum of uses, coming in an assorted range of drug forms: capsules / vegan capsules, pain relief cream, antioxidant facial oil, multipurpose oil and lip balm. The products are mostly intended for pain andanxiety relief and have been certified for sales in the U.S.

Prices, deals and Global Pharmacy coupons

The prices are just too good to be true. The company makes its into its signature strongsuit, quoting, as a rationale, the greediness behind pricing policies among the existing competition, but let’s be real: the cost charged for the drugs here is too low to reflect and substantial quality, hence a possibility of counterfeiting and minor risk of poisoning.

Customers are encouraged to become registered members with an incentive of 10% off the first order. Return customers and loyalty programs in place qarannt discounts of up to 75% off the baseline prices.

Security of payment and accepted methods

The site is certified by Safe Shopping Network and McAfee with the robust payment protection HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS), which is a guarantee enough to keep your sensitive data safe.

The accepted payment methods are MasterCard or Visa, but not American Express or Discover Card. You can also use Personal Check or International Money Order payable to "Global PH", but it will take a while to process orders paid for in this way, since the items won’t ship until the money hits the beneficiary’s bank.

Shipping method and delivery time

The fee charged for shipping to Canada the U.S. is $12.00; shipping to other countries is not available. For that reason, you will not be even to access the pharmacy from any other state or if your VPN agent is set accordingly. The company uses a trackable shipping service, but delays are very common, according to actual customer feedback.

Website features

Among the quaint features of the website it is worthwhile to point out semi-automatized refills with patient reminders sent by regular mail or email and set in motion by customer authorization, and a blog dedicated to healthcare.

Customer support at Global Pharmacy

You can reach customer support through LiveChat, EMS form, regular mail or a toll-free phone number. Customer feedback rating the quality of this service is conflicting: the website features a certificate from positioning itself as ”customer verified”, but there is no knowing how much trust in the authenticity of these testimonials can be put. A quick check of other resources, such as, reveals a significant number of users disappointed with the speed and efficacy of Global Pharmacy customer service.

General verdict: Global Pharmacy pros vs. cons

Global Pharmacy prices are its strongest suit by far; the quality of their products should be approached with caution though. It takes on average a month for orders to reach their addressees. The company is not licensed for drugstore activities, but neither does it position itself as one. There is a possibility of its being involved in illegal drug distribution with risks of counterfeit produce. We suggest that you proceed with great caution if you choose to order Cialis or other drugs from Global Pharmacy.