Multidisciplinary Track

"The program has linked me with mentors who have been instrumental in increasing my research skills as well as knowledge of health disparities. Through this mentorship, I have been able to learn more advanced methods of investigating how social determinants of health impact health disparities and health outcomes."
— Kellogg Health Scholar, 2006-2008
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The Kellogg Health Scholars Program, Multidisciplinary Track prepares a new generation of scientists for careers and leadership roles in health disparities research and policy, with the objective of facilitating the translation of health disparities research to policy and practice.

The Multidisciplinary Track supports a cadre of creative thinkers whose work is motivated by a passion for health equity and social justice. These Scholars come primarily trained in behavioral and social science disciplines, epidemiology and related biomedical sciences and public policy. Since minority groups have been under-represented to date in leadership roles in academic health-related careers and in national health and public policy development, qualified minority individuals are encouraged to apply to this track. The Multidisciplinary Track encourages individuals interested in health disparities issues to turn their intellectual energies early in their careers to:
  • research questions that relate to the understanding of health disparities by race/ethnicity, gender and income/ socioeconomic status;
  • study mechanisms and pathways by which structural social, economic, political, environmental and educational inequalities, institutional racism and discrimination affect health; and
  • develop policy frameworks and interventions to reduce or eliminate health disparities.
The Multidisciplinary Track provides exposure to public policy-making and knowledge exchange and the interactive process of translating research findings into policy and practice. Through mentoring, research training, publishing and policy workshops, and diverse professional meetings, Scholars' career development and leadership roles are enhanced. Scholars will have access to a wide range of resources at the participating sites including an individually-tailored program of mentoring, research and training matched to Scholars' individual research needs and interests.

Scholars and sites participate in program orientation, health policy symposia, workshops at each site, a variety of professional conferences and meetings and electronic networks and websites.

The Multidisciplinary Track Scholars will have opportunities to join the Community Track Scholars for programs designed to share research from the two tracks, address themes of interest to both groups, and provide ample networking opportunities between the two groups as well as with policy and community leaders.

The Multidisciplinary Track replaced the legacy program, Kellogg Scholars in Health Disparities Program.

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Core Competencies

After completing the program, scholars should be able to:
  1. Expand and contribute to understanding the determinants of health (economic, social, behavioral, political, gender, racial/ethnic, and environmental) and further developing skills and commitment to community and social change through the translation of health disparities research into policy.

  2. Develop familiarity with the health policy process at the local, state and national levels.

  3. Complete journal articles and conduct presentations that inform health policy decisions that address health disparities.

  4. Translate health disparities research findings to policy options or recommendations that provide solutions to health disparities.

  5. Write grants that express the importance of health disparities policy research.

  6. Communicate, inform and participate in discussions across policy-academic-community groups.

  7. Compete successfully for tenure faculty positions in the academic arena and to enhance the value of minority health and health disparities research and the application of that research to policy.

  8. Take on leadership roles either in academia, local, state and federal government, and policy organizations that relate to the determinants of health.

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Scholars Policy Profiles

The KHSP Multidisciplinary Track policy profiles provide information on each of the scholar' research interest and work and its policy implications.

Jamie Chatman, Ph.D.
Phoenix Do
Karen Ertel, Sc.D.
Gina Evans
Chandra Ford
Angelica Herrera
Patricia Miranda, Ph.D.
Anthony Omojasola, DrPH
Lisa Goldman Rosas, Ph.D.
Emma Sanchez-Vaznaugh, Sc.D.
Besangie Sellars, Ph.D.
Amy Snipes
Mindi Spencer
Kalahn Taylor-Clark
Angela Thrasher
Anita Wells
Kellee White, Ph.D.

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Multidisciplinary Track Reading Lists

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